Control Point, a powerful tool for traffic control

Control Point is an App to record information such as the passage of the vehicle through checkpoints, safety inspection, registration of accidents, as well as additional, complementary information for the logbook of each trip.

Control Point Features

Check In

To continue closing gaps and risks in the supply chain, we developed the functionality of Check In, with which you can provide your field staff with an effective communication tool for reporting the passage of vehicles through key locations such as checkpoints, customer access control, ports, parking lots, among others. The information captured in the field through an app (currently available only on Android), will be displayed via the web in real-time.

Pre-operational inspection of vehicles

No more filling out paper to meet requirements, with this functionality you get online information from the pre-operational inspection of your fleet, and you can analyze the information and make decisions promptly.

Report of attention of novelties in the route

No more waiting to receive reports of claims and news, view online, the report of the facts and photographic evidence necessary to make decisions on time.

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