Control Tower Software for transport.

Improve traceability and control of your logistics operation, reducing costs and improving safety with ControlT | Traffic Control Tower, flexible and scalable transportation software solutions.

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Why a Control Tower for transport?


To reduce high costs in cargo transportation.


To avoid decision making, based on intuition.


To integrate information dispersed between the different links in the logistics chain (load generator, logistics operator, transport company, driver, receiver of the goods), associated suppliers (TMS, ERP, GPS, checkpoints, mobile applications, among others).


To increase traceability.


To avoid misunderstandings between drivers/transport companies/logistics operators/load generators.


To provide an effective response to complex operational processes such as OEA (Authorized Economic Operator), BASC, and PESV, among others.

How does ControlT do it?

Integrating scattered information from multiple sources of information originating from actors in the supply chain.

Using the web platform and apps to record information that was usually on paper or in Excel.

Generating profiles and user roles so that each actor involved interacts according to their role.

Creating algorithms to identify alerts and notifications, reports, indicators, and analytical tools, to take advantage of the data in a timely manner.

Our software solutions for transport

Torre de Control ControlT

Control Tower

It provides transportation companies, cargo generators, and logistics operators with a tool to integrate information, manage traceability, improve control of the operation, and identify risks and operational situations that require management on a prompt basis.

ControlT’s Control Tower for Transportation is based on three pillars: integration of multiple sources of information, timely, data-driven decision making, and effective communication between all parties involved.


Control Point ControlT

Control Point

Mobile application for field work that allows you to record the passage of a vehicle through checkpoints, CEDIS, warehouses, and port access control; perform online inspections, and record news en route.

The records are viewed online in a web-based environment, which includes both recorded data and photographic evidence.

Integraciones ControlT


ust as the solutions in the ControlT portfolio interact with each other, they are also open to integration with third-party applications, for which we have APIs and Webservices.

This is how we integrate with ERP, TMS, GPS providers, and mobile applications, among others. ControlT can easily interact with almost any other platform that generate information that adds value to the traceability of a trip.

Now we have SAP integration

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Campus Virtual

Virtual Campus

Our team is working on the development of content to provide our clients with tools that allow its functional staff to strengthen their skills and knowledge.

More information coming soon.

analitica controlt


Take full advantage of data to make timely decisions based on facts, not intuition.

With our tool, you can analyze the information generated in our solutions and include other data sources to get a broader picture of your logistics operation.

In addition, you will be able to visualize in real-time, the On-Time of your logistic operation.

Servicio Visor ControlT


It quickly identifies whether or not a vehicle is integrated into our system, as well as the vehicle’s GPS location information and other data received from the GPS provider.

In this way, you will be able to speed up the GPS verification process in the process of opening customer data sheets, and during the transit of the vehicle, you will be able to check its location in a single integrated platform.

bpo controlt


In our modern monitoring center, we have trained, readily available personnel who perform the traffic control and tracking that your company requires, through our freight transport software.

Proveeduria ControlT


Through filters, you locate the nearest vehicles that meet the operational conditions for the load, and in a targeted manner, you make the offer for the trip.

This way you ensure that the vehicles to which you make the trip offer, already have a data sheet in your company, which leverages the process of fleet loyalty and eliminates the costs associated with the safety study of a new third party provider.

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