Integrations are the key to success for the transporter, the load generator, and the logistics operator.

ControlT is part of an ecosystem of solutions for transport and logistics.

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On our platforms


We exchange data with other platforms to optimize processes, standardize information, and make data-driven decisions promptly.

At ControlT we exchange data with other platforms, this way you optimize processes, standardize information, and can make data-driven decisions promptly.

Taking advantage of integrations, you will be able to:

aumentar productividad controlt

Increase the productivity of your staff.

mejorar comunicacion cliente

Improve your customer's communication and experience.

construir tablero y reportes

Build dashboards and reports with information from various systems.

encontrar oportunidades de mejora operacion

Find opportunities to improve your operation.

With whom we are integrated

We have multiple Webservices and APIs for data interchange with other systems
Native integrations.
GPS Providers.
Mobile Applications.
Electronic Tolls.
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