Logistics Management Software for Transport

Our Control Tower improves traceability and risk management of the logistics operation.

If your vehicle is not yet integrated with ControlT, access the online form to authorize your GPS operator.

What have our customers achieved with our logistics management software?

  • Increase the fleet loyalty indicator.
  • Measure and improve the management of the personnel who carry out the monitoring activities of the logistics operation.
  • Improve communication and customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure the integrity of the information of the transport operation chain.

Trips monitored by our customers with ControlT

Features of our logistics management software for the transport industry

Alerts and notifications

Forget about calling your drivers every so often because that’s what the process states, should be done. Call them every time ControlT’s powerful algorithm detects a novelty regarding the parameterized operational protocols.

This way you can focus your calls for example when a route abandonment is detected, an unauthorized stop happens, if there is continuous driving without active pauses, or if there are delays in the itinerary, amongst other new features.

In addition, you can parameterize the sending of automatic emails, for example, to notify your customer of the proximity of the vehicle to the destination.


There are many reasons to outsource a process, the main one is to reduce costs. That is why in ControlT we have a team of traffic controllers 7*24 that performs the management of various features, to several companies, in this way we achieve cost efficiency, which we transfer to you.

In addition, our controllers use ControlT’s traffic control platform, so you will be able to visualize in real-time all the actions performed by our team.


Drivers are a vital link in the logistics process, so it is important to have permanent communication with them. With the ControlT Drivers App, they will be able to visualize their travel plan, report news, and have a panic button, among many other things.


Our virtual traffic controller, adds an additional member to your team, to increase the capacity of operational management, such as calling the driver to remind him to take active breaks and make routine follow-ups, among others. This way, your team will be able to focus their efforts on those that represent risks to the operation.


The first pillar on which we developed the ControlT Traffic Control Tower, was the integration of multiple sources of information, thus complementing the information relating to the traceability of each shipment and increasing the options to parameterize alerts and news in the workflow tool.
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Find also in our control tower


In ControlT you can have access to different profiles and roles so that each person interacts with the information that corresponds to their level, minimizing calls, emails, and information reprocessing.


For vehicles handling refrigerated cargo, we generate alerts for temperatures outside the established ranges and present the graph for each trip.

IoT Devices

We can receive information from other devices that feed the trip log or allow you to generate alarms and notifications.

Reports and reports

ControlT gives you access to trip logs and reports that allow you to make decisions based on numbers instead of perceptions.

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