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Quickly identifies vehicles for new trips, reducing fleet placement time and improving the loyalty indicator.

What does Procurement consist of?


In a freight exchange, transport companies can search for available vehicles, and carriers can search for advertised loads, thus serving as a link between supply and demand.

However, in many cases, companies have been frustrated with its use, since they are not able to satisfy all the demands and must continue with the traditional fleet procurement processes.

With this in mind, we present the Provisioning Service, which changes the traditional concept. Since it does not depend on the driver or owner to make himself available, and the transport company does not offer the load for all vehicles, but instead, through filters, they locate the vehicles that are closer, and meet the operational requirements for the load, thus being able to, in a targeted manner, make the offer for the trip.

This ensures that the vehicles to which you make the trip offer, already have a data sheet in your company, which leverages the process of fleet loyalty and eliminates the costs associated with the safety study of a new third-party provider.

Benefits of sourcing for your company


  • Improves the vehicle placement indicator.
  • Improves the fleet loyalty indicator.
  • Decreases the cost of safety studies.

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